A new website for ISNI

Identification is easy with an ISNI

As of the beginning of June 2020, ISNI has introduced a largely rebuilt and redesigned website. With the opportunity presented by a move to a new hosting provider BDS, we have taken steps to tighten website security, replace and update website software and improve responsiveness in the way that the website displays on a variety of different devices.

Regular visitors will notice some differences in site navigation and the way that much of ISNI’s reference material is presented. We have also tried to make particularly popular options – like how to “Get an ISNI” or “Search the ISNI Database” – more straightforward and intuitive to use.

Over the coming months more improvements are planned, such as steps aimed at improving the accessibility of the site to the visually impaired.

With 27 ISNI Registration Agencies and 26 ISNI Members at the time of writing, the usage and uptake of ISNI continues to increase, both in domains such as the library community where it has long been established and in other sectors such as the music industry and organizations active in rights management and collections. The ISNI website is an important element in communicating with our users around the world and those eager to learn more about ISNI – we would welcome any feedback on how we could improve it further.