YouTube Knows Who You Are

A Copyright Clearance Center podcast with Tim Devenport

YouTube’s decision in early 2018 to become an ISNI Registration Agency has caused great interest in the music sector and beyond.  In this podcast with Copyright Clearance Center’s Chris Kenneally, ISNI-IA Executive Director Tim Devenport explores the rationale behind this move and the challenges and opportunities that it presents.

YouTube aims to reach a situation where the vast majority of the composers and artists associated with music accessible via the channel can be uniquely identified using ISNI IDs.  With approximately 3–5 million additional ISNIs to be assigned, the technical challenges are significant but the core operations – matching, disambiguation, and unique assignment – are familiar and well understood by the ISNI team.

From a business perspective, this represents an exciting move for ISNI into the music sector and an opportunity to offer its identifier services to new online communities.  And for YouTube, ISNI should complement and strengthen its efforts to correctly attribute “authorship”, rights and royalties to the millions of creatives ultimately responsible for providing the content that YouTube publishes.