Data Quality Procedures

ISNI Data Quality Framework

ISNI’s approach to data quality has several important facets. Newly submitted data must achieve defined threshold levels of completeness when verified against ISNI’s matching and assignment algorithms. Accuracy of the contributed metadata is at a premium and processes are in place to investigate and correct any reported inaccuracies, such as duplicate assignments or single records referring to multiple parties. And records may be removed or deleted at the request of data subjects.

All these activities take place within ISNI’s quality infrastructure, with important contributions from data contributors, Registration Agencies and the general public, as well as the ISNI Quality Team, the ISNI Assignment Agency and ISNI-IA.

Data Completeness & Assignment Rules

Registration Agencies and other data contributors submit curated metadata to the ISNI system, where it encounters a number of matching algorithms and other automated rules and checks. This document explains the basic rules around data completeness, matching and ISNI assignment: Data Completeness & Assignment Rules (PDF, 406 KB)

Accuracy, Matching & Curation Activities

ISNI carries out some automated checks to detect possible inaccuracies in the metadata submitted. But not all anomalies can be automatically detected and ISNI also replies upon issues reported by its member organizations and the general public.

Once inaccuracies have been reported, ISNI’s Quality Team has procedures in place to resolve the more commonly occurring problems. If the issue is systematic, then modifications may also be made to matching algorithms so as to minimize recurrences. The Quality Team also deals with requests by ISNI data subjects that their records be modified, removed or deleted from the system.

This document explains ISNI’s procedures to screen for, react to and correct any inaccuracies that may be reported and to deal with requests that records be modified or deleted: Accuracy, Matching & Curation Activities (PDF, 518 KB)

ISNI Quality Infrastructure

The ISNI Quality Team coordinates a range of operations, some automated and some manual, to maintain and improve the quality and reliability of the data that ISNI holds. These responsibilities complement the activities of other ISNI units, the wider ISNI community and the general public – all of them contributing to the collaborative curation of ISNI information.

This document further explains the Quality Team’s mandate as well as the responsibilities of other parties involved: ISNI Quality Infrastructure (PDF, 564 KB)