ISNI Governance

ISNI is the International Standard Name Identifier, ISO standard 27729.  The ISNI International Agency Ltd (ISNI-IA), a limited company registered in the UK, is the Registration Authority for the ISNI standard, charged by ISO with governing, promulgating and maintaining the use of ISNI worldwide.

ISNI-IA has a governing Board of Directors, including representatives of some of the original group of Founding Members responsible for launching the standard as well as co-opted or elected members.  Current Board Members are as follows:

  • Michael Healy (CCC/IFRRO, Chair)

  • Andrew MacEwan (British Library, Secretary)

  • Laura Cox (Ringgold Inc., Treasurer)

  • Caroline Morgan (IFRRO)

  • Eric van Lubeek (OCLC)

  • José Macarro (CISAC)

  • Vincent Boulet (Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Day-to-day management and direction of ISNI-IA is the hands of Executive Director Tim Devenport (EDItEUR).

ISNI is an organization funded and led by its member organizations.  Currently these comprise five Founding Members that are still actively involved, more than 25 regular Members and 24 Registration Agencies.  Based in 22 countries across the world, these members represent a wide and diverse spectrum of interests ranging from libraries through music to rights/collections agencies.

Consultation Groups act as representatives of ISNI’s varied constituencies and as vehicles for communication and prioritization between ISNI-IA and its member organizations and end-users.  Three such Groups have so far been convened and others are planned:

  • Libraries ISNI Consultation Group (chaired by Vincent Boulet)

  • Music ISNI Consultation Group (chaired by Paul Jessop, County Analytics)

  • Technical Advisory Committee for ISNI (chaired ad interim by Tim Devenport)

More information, including ISNI’s Articles of Association, is available on request from ISNI-IA.