• ISNIs now in EThOS

    EThOS is the UK’s national thesis service which aims to maximise the visibility and availability of the UK’s doctoral research theses. It demonstrates the quality of UK research, and supports the UK Government’s open access principle that publications resulting from publicly-funded research should be made freely available for all researchers,...

  • Putting the brakes on confusion

    James "Jimmie" Rodgers was a key figure in the emergence of American country music. He followed his father into the railway industry, or as he would have called it, the “railroad” industry. He learned to play guitar and sing – developing a distinctive “yodeling” style that is still associated with the name by which he was known: The Singing...

  • ISNI In the Music Industry

    Checking the release dates, it must have been in 1974 that I first heard Killer Queen on the radio while on the way to school. I was amazed at the guitar sounds and that started a life long interest in music technology.

    Fast forward nearly forty years and I’m sitting in the offices of OCLC, who manage the database for ISNI, the International...

  • Peak Global Researcher Identifier Group welcomes La Trobe University as a member and Data Contributor

    The International Standard Name Identifier  – International Agency (ISNI-IA or ISNI) is very pleased to announce that La Trobe University has become a member of ISNI.

  • Why a Collective Management Organization needs ISNI – a case study

    The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is a not-for-profit organization, run by writers, for writers.
    Its 70,000 members include novelists, screenwriters, academic authors, and poets. Individually, these writers have no way of tracking the numerous ways that their work is used - and the way that these uses are legally permitted...

  • ISNI trustfully identifying authors, connecting digital collections, streamlining workflows

    Anila Angjeli from the BnF presented ISNI at the conference "Sustaining the networked future: use and reuse of digital content", organized within the activities of the European project "Ebooks On Demand". The conference shed light on challenges and chances of the networked future, "Sustainability" covers an area well beyond preservation of...

  • BnF: First National Library In the World to Become an ISNI Registration Agency

    The National Library of France becomes ISNI Registration Agency: for a persistent identification of persons and organizations.

  • ISNI and ORCID sign Memo of Understanding

    Signed in January 2014, this MOU between ISNI and ORCID specifies that the two organisations will dialogue further on technical interoperability, as well as coordinating external communications.

  • Number of Assigned ISNIs Now Over 7 Million

    The ISNI database started in November 2011 with ISNIs assigned to 1 million identities. Two years later, this number has grown to 7 million.

  • Two National Libraries Become Members of ISNI

    The National Library of Finland and the National Library of New Zealand have become members of the ISNI-International Agency (ISNI-IA).   The ISNI-IA maintains the ISNI ISO Standard (ISO 27729) and reference database.  Members have access to the full ISNI database that includes 17.6 million records, of which 6.9 million represent assigned ISNIs...

  • ISNI and ORCID Issue Joint Statement on Interoperation, 24 April 2013

    ISNI and ORCID agree on need to work together on interoperation through linking.

    ORCID and ISNI are separate, independent organizations that assign identifiers to individuals and are using the same identifier format. While ISNI and ORCID have different missions and employ different processes for assigning identifiers and linking people with...

  • ISNI submits response to Notice of Inquiry issued by the US Copyright Office, March 2013

    The ISNI International Agency recently submitted this response to the Notice of Inquiry issued by the US Copyright Office on March 22, 2013 concerning technological upgrades to registration and recordation functions.