Objectives and Policies

ISNI Aims & Objectives

ISNI-IA is charged by ISO to operate and promulgate the ISNI standard worldwide. This document describes the principles on which ISNI-IA’s approach is based, the core values to which it commits and the wide range of purposes and use cases where ISNI implementation can assist the creative communities: ISNI Aims & Objectives (PDF, 500 KB)

ISNI Data Policy

Operation of the ISNI standard necessarily involves the collection and curation of metadata related to data subjects and ISNI is legally obliged to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws and regulations. This document explains ISNI-IA’s policy on all aspects of data collection, security and maintenance: ISNI Data Policy (PDF, 544 KB)

ISNI Information Licence

ISNI information that is already available in the public domain is made widely available under the provisions of an open licence, described in this document: ISNI Information Licence (PDF, 743 KB)